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Amazing Healer I have gone to other Acupuncturists over the years but no one can compare to Grace! She is thorough, gentle and highly skilled. Grace takes much more time with you than other practitioners and provides very helpful feedbac. I now have a clearer understanding of my health issues and have enjoyed wonderful results. After months of tests and a hospital stay, Grace had me feeling better on the first visit. I feel blessed to have found her. I highly recommend Grace and Paola is wonderful too! ME
A Believer Grace at Bridge Acupuncture has treated several members of our family, and we have all had outstanding results with a variety of issues. I went in to see Grace as an acupuncture skeptic... and came out a believer. Grace's intuitive touch, gentle manner and true skill are truly extraordinary. I highly recommend. -C.B.
Best Acupuncturist Ever! I've been going to Paolo for over 1 1/2 years. I was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer. Paolo's acupuncture helped with me having better treatment outcomes and less treatment side effects. He is a knowledgeable, intuitive and genuine healer who listens closely. Make an appointment, you deserve it.
carolyn fernandez
A True Healer I am so thankful that I found Grace throughout the years she has played an essential role in my well being. I consider Grace to be a true healer and I am so happy that I found her. I always, always recommend Grace!
Many injuries healed Bridge Acupuncture is more than a place to go to experience healing as an alternative to conventional medicine. Grace is more than an accupuncturist. She heals the physical, mental, and spiritual through acupuncture and gentle observation. She helped me through a separated shoulder, ankle injuries, tendonitis, bruised sacrum, and now miniscus tears in my knees - all serious injuries, none of which now require surgery. She is part of my community and I am fortunate to receive the gift of her talent. This place is a healing place where you feel zen energy all around you. Grace focuses that energy to help you heal, you can feel it. I have rarely experienced someone so freely giving of herself, so caring, so wise - just to help other humans live to their full potential.
The best!
I had heard so many positive things about Acupuncture and how it had helped my friends. Someone mentioned Grace Rollins. After looking at her backround I thought, WOW she is really sharp. Great background and credentials. Grace is very professional and thorough while conducting her examination. She made me feel very comfortable I left with the feeling that she generally cares about each and every patient that comes through the door. Grace sets the bar for top notch beside manner. I highly recommend this practice. She really takes the time to go over a complete history to get the best possible idea of what's wrong. She was really considerate and thoughtful, making sure numerous times that I had all my questions and concerns addressed before the end of the appointment. I'd highly recommend Grace to anyone. Everyone I have sent to her has also had positive outcomes with issues such as back pain, illness and infant reflux. She has and continues to help me maintain a healthier lifestyle. If your looking for the best, your search is over. -L.L.
Migraine help 16 years with migraines.. coming here was the best thing for me...never again will I take drugs for migraines.
Best I've felt in over three years Bridge Acupuncture and Paolo are great! I was apprehensive at the beginning, but Paolo talks you through everything and is so knowledgeable; I felt comfortable within seconds of meeting him. I have been going for almost two months now and I have not felt this good in over three years. After continuous frustrations for treatment of PCOS, I was able to find relief and help in a more holistic approach to health and wellness- much different than the current segmented system. I 1000% believe everyone should experience acupuncture and this is the best place around.
Really awesome! I received traditional Japanese-style acupuncture from Grace and she cured me of my joint pain after years of playing tennis. I would highly recommend Bridge Acupuncture to all my friends at the tennis club. Thanks Grace!
Eczema and stress helped
I've been seeing Grace for over four years; more consistently over the past 1 1/2 years due to my eczema and stress issues. With her astute intuition combined with her wealth of knowledge as a health care practioner and nutritionist, she has honed in on my digestive issues and prescibed a combination of supplements to practically knock out my itchy, insidious, sometimes embarassing skin problems. Grace and Paolo are compassionate and offer sound advice and provide restorative healing instilling confidence and packed with results. I've recommended many people to Grace and now with Paolo as a licensed acupuncturist, there are even more opportunities for wellness. I don't know what I would have done without Grace's excellent care and Paolo's complementary support.
Recommended Office, treatment rooms & restroom tastefully decorated and spotlessly clean. I saw Grace who was very professional, reviewed my history thoroughly and was empathetic to my needs and priorities. Grace is very knowledgeable and confident as she treats you. I would recommend Bridge Acupuncture.
Thrilled! I have been receiving  treatment and advice from both Gracie and Paolo of Bridge Acupuncture for about 3 years.  Because I have a chronic immune issue (RA), I have found their wonderful support and advice indispensable to my quality of life!  I went to them inflamed, with moderate-severe RA symptoms.  My case is aggressive.  I am THRILLED to say that acupuncture support has re-established my immunity, my flare has resolved, and I've been pretty "normal" for the past 3 years.  I give Bridge Acupuncture the lion's share of the credit--Gracie and Paolo have my very HIGHEST recommendations!